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Vol 6 - 070806

What's New?

Free Crochet Pattern: Delicate Butterfly:

delicate crocheted butterfly!


A delicate crocheted butterfly to celebrate the Summer months! Use it as a decorative doily, frame it, or sew it onto a sweater for a dramatic look! Just follow this link for your free pattern! Enjoy!

Alphabet Charts for Filet Crochet!

Many of you have inquired about purchasing the Alphabet charts... so I just added a web page where you can now buy any chart at $1.00 each. They will shipped via 1st class USPS (paper copy) or emailed to you (as jpg image files which you can print).

New eBay auctions:

Don't forget to browse my eBay listings to see new and unique doilies freshly crocheted and interesting Vintage Crochet and/or Knitting books. New auctions are added weekly.


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