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Q: What is the meaning of Crochet?

A: Crochet Definition

Crochet (meaning "hook" in French) is a series of interlocking loops of thread onto a chain using a slender rod with a hook at the end. A single chain of loops is created, with each new loop catching the thread or yarn and pulling it through the previous loop. After the chain has been completed to the desired length, the thread or yarn is then turned starting a second chain (or the start of a row). Various stitches and patterns can be created. Some of the more common stitches known are: Chain, Single Crochet, Half-Double Crochet, Double Crochet, Popcorn Crochet, and Cluster Crochet.

  Q: How many people crochet?

A: Amazing Fact

In 2002, some 38 million women do crocheting!